世界奢侈品经典广告语 奢侈品英文广告语

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相关热词搜索:英文广告词,奢侈品英文广告语,奢侈品广告语大全,奢侈品经典广告语,   奢侈品在国际上被定义为“一种超出人们生存与发展需要范围的,具有独特、稀缺、珍奇等特点的消费品”,又称为非生活必需品。那么它的英文广告词会有哪些呢?下面是小编带来的内容,欢迎阅读!   1. Time achievement classics, years of casting eternal Valentino suit   2. Pierre Cardin into the space - the most unique fashion clothing Pierre Cardin universe   3. In accordance with the arrow pointing, you will always walk in the forefront.Wrigley shirts   4. The mirror will no longer laugh at you. Wrigley shirts   5. To live a successful life. Diesel clothing   6. I'm close to Calvin. Calvin Klein clothing   7. Men should be hard on their own! Qipai Men   8. boiled wine on the hero, talented people to win the world!   9. more than the confusion, as little as possible, simplicity is not simple! Lee Lang business men   10. not too chic! Shanshan suits   11. Believe in yourself, believe in a partner!   12. Men just simple! Edenbo clothing   13. a solemn, auspicious life. Zhuang Ji suit   14. Goldlion, the world of men. Goldlion clothing   15. Once the choice of life's love! Tianen Women   16 do women. Sigatu   17. Global quality standards. Manhattan clothing   18. If you like to listen to others to speak, John? Thistle, the name must have let your ears to hear the calluses.   19. John Stevenson Clothing Company   20. Xiaoxiao sprinkle snow dream Levin, "a year or so" a charisma!   21. "Eagle" where soaring, you should follow where. Eagle clothing company   1. Everything from head to toe should be coordinated, Wee bok brand clothing and shoes to do this. Wee bok brand clothing   2.Luzon ------ more your style! Luzon brand clothing   3. Put on "Janssen", you just like to put on a smile. Jansen garments   4. No matter how you look, "Lands'End" swimsuit always make you satisfied, perfect body shape. Lands'End swimsuit   5. Dancing graceful computer promotional advertising language, to develop Italian pride! Cool! Shuai! Italian modern clothing   6. Elegant chic Leiteng Meng! Reiter Mongolian clothing   7. Not seeking the position of the emperor, but the emperor demeanor! Emperor clothing   8. Silver are fashion, international brand! Silver are brand fashion   9. Li Ning slogan: everything is possible.   10. Nike (Nike advertising language: may wish to try.   11.Adidas advertising slogan: Adidas brand sportswear: traveled the world, I just look at the Adidas   12. Shanshan suit slogan: Shanshan suits, not too chic   13. Italian modern clothing slogan: calmly, chic to go! Modern boutique, a new experience, a symbol of status! Cool! Shuai! Italian modern clothing   Luzon ------ more your style! Luzon brand clothing   15. Lan Wei children --- gentle and passionate night, sweet and warm dream. Lan Wei children pajamas   16. Crown Prince's shirt is not unique to the royal family   17. put on gold as license into the arms of the sun, the heart feels self-evident! Golden plate winter remodeling your childhood mother! Fuga brand clothing   18. Giordano clothing slogan: Sui Yi Xia dream! Love is dedication! The color of the world to bring you!   19. No matter what you look like, the "Lands'End" bathing suit will always make you feel good and your figure is perfect.   20. Recalling the past, more than a thousand kinds of costume design; look at the present, there are new products are elegant!   1.When the sun goes down. (Evening dress) Berkeley clothing company   2.Dressed in rosy, is to make his girlfriend; dressed in blue, is to make a boyfriend. Levis jeans   3. Just do it (although do it)! Nike   Women to men shoes, men teach women to walk. Nike   5. You can faster than you Nike   6. Every master, every height, every game, must win. Adidas   7. Halfway through life, or Adidas. Adidas   8. Do not take the unusual way! Metersbonwe   9. Casle sportswear is sewn in the stadium. Casle sportswear brand   10. like the second layer of skin. Taiwan characteristics of jeans   11. warm the world! Ordos cashmere sweater   12. You quietly put on a "general to have", and then quietly go to date it!   13. Switzerland fur coat only drawback is - will make you have to reluctantly throw away the previously purchased underwear. Swiss fur coat   14. Unique - just like your fingerprints. Prince Gardner Leather Company... 奢侈品英文广告语相关文章: 1.奢侈品牌英文广告语 2.经典英文广告语大全 3.最著名的英语广告词欣赏 4.经典英语广告词欣赏
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